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Bettercoal Standard

Working towards a global responsible coal supply chain

Our purpose

To promote the continuous improvement in the mining and sourcing of coal for the benefit of all people impacted by the industry, workers and coal mining communities.

The Bettercoal Standard

The Bettercoal Standard is called the Code.

Since its launch in 2013, it has become the internationally recognised Standard for assessing, assuring, sustaining and continually improving stringent ethical performance across the coal mining supply chain.

The Code is founded on 12 Principles which have, at their core, the 3 pillars of ESG: Environment, Social and Governance.

Coal Producers

The Code is used by coal producers to continually improve their operations across all 3 pillars of ESG. Coal producers who commit to the Code, on-site mine assessments and continual improvement plans are called Bettercoal Suppliers.


Businesses in the coal sector that want to ensure the coal producers they engage with are working to the highest possible standards, join Bettercoal as Members.

Bettercoal and its Members work to encourage increasing numbers of coal producers, from across the globe, to commit to the Bettercoal Code and so increase the network of businesses working towards a global, responsible coal supply chain.

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