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About Us

Bettercoal is a global, not-for-profit initiative that has been established by a group of major European utilities to promote the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain, with a specific focus on the mines themselves.

Our Vision and Mission

The Bettercoal vision is a coal supply chain that respects the rights of people and the environment and contributes positively to the social and economic livelihoods of workers, producers, and communities.

Bettercoal’s mission is to advance the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain by improving business practices through engagement with stakeholders and based on a shared set of standards.

Bettercoal Principles

Rather than a typical certifying body, Bettercoal assesses performance of coal Suppliers against the ten principles of the Bettercoal Code and jointly develops a Continuous Improvement Plan, the summary results of which are shared with Bettercoal Members. Bettercoal Members take into account the results of the Assessments in their purchasing decisions and due diligence processes. The outcome is a re-enforcing loop of improvement and recognition in the coal supply chain.

To guide the design and implementation of Bettercoal's enabling and participatory system, the following four core Principles have been identified in 2016 and will be integrated into the system as it being further developed and refined.

Risk-Based Approach

Bettercoal follows a risk-based approach in its assurance to increase the efficiency of the Bettercoal Assessment Programme and provide pertinent information to Bettercoal Members on responsible mining practices, while reducing the assurance burden for mining companies.


Bettercoal commits to appropriate levels of transparency and disclosure for:

  • The procedures and processes of the Bettercoal system (the Assessment Programme and Members' Implementation and Reporting Obligations (MIRO));
  • The content, results and outcomes of the assessment of coal Suppliers;
  • How Bettercoal Members implement and consider the outcomes of the Assessment Programme in their coal purchasing decisions.

Continuous Improvement

Bettercoal advances continuous improvement at mines by working with coal Suppliers to establish a baseline of performance and then working over time to improve sustainability outcomes. Assessors are enablers: they engage Suppliers from the outset of the Assessment Programme and impart their knowledge of best practices to mining operations during the whole process.

Stakeholder Engagement

Bettercoal works with industry and non-industry stakeholders through the Technical & Advisory Committee, actively participating in related industry and industry initiatives, and in-country workshops and meetings. Bettercoal keeps its stakeholders informed of its progress through the Bettercoal website, newsletters and speaking events, and provides a platform for constructive exchange through the Bettercoal Complaints Mechanism.

The coal supply chain

The Coal Supply Chain

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

Join Bettercoal

By joining Bettercoal, your company will take part in a global effort to make a real, on-the-ground difference for workers, communities, local companies and the environment impacted by coal mining.