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About Us

Bettercoal is a global, not-for-profit initiative that has been established by a group of major European utilities to promote the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain, with a specific focus on the mines themselves.

Our Vision and Mission

The Bettercoal vision is a coal supply chain that respects the rights of people and the environment and contributes positively to the social and economic livelihoods of workers, producers, and communities.

Bettercoal’s mission is to advance the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain by improving business practices through engagement with stakeholders and based on a shared set of standards.

Our Activities

We set standards for ethical, social, and environmental performance in the coal supply chain

In July 2013, the Bettercoal members have adopted the Bettercoal Code, which sets out the ethical, social, and environmental principles and provisions that Bettercoal expects companies in the coal supply chain to align with. The Bettercoal Code has been developed through an intensive consultation process involving coal producers, trade unions, social and environmental organisations, governments, mining related service providers, and utility companies.

We assess performance of coal mines

The Bettercoal Code forms the basis for assessments (Self-Assessment Questionnaires and independent third-party Site-Assessments) of coal mining sites. Bettercoal members take into account the results of the Self-Assessment Questionnaires and Site-Assessments in purchasing decisions and due diligence processes.

We support continuous improvement in the coal supply chain

We engage and support coal mines to implement the Bettercoal Code and continuously improve systems, processes, procedures and practices with a view to fully align these with the requirements of the Code. Beyond the coal mining site, Bettercoal uses information gathered from assessments to facilitate the implementation of best practices and support collaborative programs aimed to improve conditions on the ground.

We work with stakeholders

We conduct all these activities by continuously engaging and collaborating with a variety of stakeholders including governments, NGOs, international labour unions, responsible sourcing and voluntary standards experts. 

The coal supply chain

The Coal Supply Chain

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

Join Bettercoal

By joining Bettercoal, your company will take part in a global effort to make a real, on-the-ground difference for workers, communities, local companies and the environment impacted by coal mining. 

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