Country Working Groups

In 2018 Bettercoal set up the Russia and Colombia Country Working Groups to facilitate a more coordinated approach to the monitoring of continuous improvement plans for Suppliers as well as build knowledge and measure impact.

Colombia Working Group

Bettercoal has been working with Colombian coal companies since the foundation of the organisation, including 3 of the 4 large coal exporters in the country. One of the aims of this group is to foster better relationships with all stakeholders involved in this complex environment, from business to government, to international NGOs and local communities. The Colombia Working Group is currently formed of Bettercoal Members EnBW, Enel, ESB, Fortum, RWE, Vattenfall, and chaired by Uniper.

2019 Engagement

In its first year of work, the CWG successfully engaged with all three Bettercoal Colombian Suppliers on CIP progress and other topics relevant to the Colombian coal supply chain. The CWG also engaged with other local relevant stakeholders to gather information and discuss contextual issues, promoting an open channel for dialogue and feedback and exploring potential avenues of collaboration. This input helped the Group identify complex and systemic challenges related to mining in Colombia that require more long-term and pointed action and in which Bettercoal could promote a positive impact. A full report on the progress made by the CWG in 2019 can be found here in English and Spanish.

2020 Engagement

In 2020, the Covid-19 crisis forced us to adjust the planning and implementation of the original Work Plan, particularly with regards to in person engagements with stakeholders. Despite being unable to travel to Colombia, we engaged virtually with as many of them as possible, to keep up our engagement and remain well informed of current local developments. The input received throughout all these meetings has helped the CWG refine its original 2020 Work Plan and identify specific actions where Bettercoal can add value. The updated version of the Work Plan 2020 can be found here.

Throughout the year we engaged with Bettercoal’s Colombian Suppliers – Cerrejón, Drummond Ltd and Prodeco, to follow up on their Continuous Improvement Plans as well as discuss other relevant contextual topics e.g. increasing threats against social leaders, challenging negotiations with trade unions and, of course, the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Suppliers´ operations. The CWG has also held online conversations with other relevant stakeholders including PAX, the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands (CNV), the Human Rights and Business Resource Centre, the Development and Peace Programmes (PDP in Spanish), Regional Centre of Responsible Business and Entrepreneurship (CREER in Spanish), National Union of Ill, Disabled, Mining Workers (SINTRADEM in Spanish), Sintracerrejón and IndustriAll.

In line with this commitment and as part of the implementation of the Work Plan 2020, members of the CWG agreed to support the Regional Centre for Responsible Businesses and Entrepreneurship (Centro Regional de Empresas y Emprendimientos Responsables or CREER) multi-stakeholder dialogue project Building Trust in Cesar. This support is part of Bettercoal’s commitment and activities to promote continuous improvement in the mining and sourcing of coal for the benefit of all people impacted by the industry, workers and coal mining communities.

Despite the challenges faced during 2020, we were able to make progress against our work plan and information can be accessed here.

2021 Engagement

For 2021, the CWG continues its commitment to follow up on the progress made by Bettercoal Colombian Suppliers on their CIP, focus on actions on the prioritised issues and engage with Colombian stakeholders: a. Fostering increased dialogue in the peace building process, b. Access to clean water, and c. Mine closure.

Given the travel restrictions still in place related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the CWG will organise a virtual engagement with Colombian stakeholders throughout April and May 2021. The group is planning to engage in individual calls not only with Bettercoal Colombian Suppliers but also with Governmental organisations, dialogue institutions, international organisations and labour organisations. During these meetings, the group will cover specific agenda topics tailored to each stakeholder around the prioritised issues defined, identifying opportunities for developing specific actions where Bettercoal could add value and have an impact on the ground. We also expect to be addressing other contextual topics relevant to the Colombian mining context.

More details can be found in the CWG Work Plan 2021 here.

A full progress report for 2021 can be found here.

To view the Colombia Working Group Terms of Reference, click here.

Russia Working Group - Suspended

Bettercoal’s Russia Working Group (RWG) has been suspended. For more information, view our full statement here

The RWG Work Plan 2021 can be viewed here

The RWG Work Plan 2020 can be found here, and you can access a comprehensive summary report with the progress made by the RWG in 2020 here.

To view the Russia Working Group Terms of Reference, click here