Julija Menise


Julija Menise has extensive onsite assessment experience conducing social and labor due diligence assessments, conflict mineral traceability assessments, CR management system and environmental management system assessments in industries ranging from industrial mining, smelting, manufacturing and retail to wood products and food and beverage.

Using her academic background in human rights law and environmental management and policy, her field experience in over 20 countries in Europe and Central Asia, and expert knowledge of standards (such as the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards, OECD Conflict Minerals Guidance) and familiarity with various certification schemes (such as SA 8000 and RJC), Julija advises clients on due diligence assessments and related assessment tools. Julija also provides guidance to clients on development of responsible sourcing programs, including supply chain mapping and risk assessments, training, supplier monitoring and capacity building and continuous improvement.