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From development to action

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Strengthening our Model of Continuous Improvement and Engagement

Bettercoal’s vision is a coal supply chain that respects the rights of people and the environment and contributes positively to the social and economic livelihoods of workers, producers and communities.

Bettercoal’s mission is to advance the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain by improving business practices through engagement with stakeholders and based on a shared set of standards.

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Coal being loadedA Challenging Business Environment

While some continue to contest climate change science, 195 nations signed the COP21 agreement in December 2015, considered by many as real progress. Even though coal has taken a fall, policy-makers, companies and investors know, approximately 80% of all commercial energy consumed comes from fossil fuels, coal will continue unabated in the short-term and that several developing nations are expected to continue to increase their demand for energy and infrastructure in the years to come. Despite China’s aim to peak coal, for developing nations, it is still inexpensive and readily available.

Both the World Coal Association and the IEA sense that for coal to continue to play a role into the future, high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) power stations are needed and governments are called upon to offer financial incentives to step-up progress on carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) development to meet global climate objectives. We must see how coal-reliant industries such as utilities, steel and cement fare. The transition to low-carbon energy seems inevitable.

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Bettercoal Assessment Program
– Progress & Achievements

A strong and credible Assessment Program is critical to the success of Bettercoal as it provides assurance to its Members and stakeholders and recognition of coal producers that adhere to the principles and practices of the Code. Bettercoal looks forward to working with the Technical & Advisory Committee and interested stakeholders on this to further build and strengthen the Bettercoal system.

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Stakeholder Views

“Through the effective implementation of a comprehensive program, Bettercoal can become an important vehicle for positive change in coal supply chains.”

Michèle Brülhart,
Director, Head of Auditing, RCS Global; Technical & Advisory Committee participant

“The foundations needed to build a successful system are in place at Bettercoal.”

Assheton Carter,
Senior Vice President, Global Engagement, Equitable Origin, The Dragonfly Initiative; Technical & Advisory Committee participant

“Our report can be used by coal buyers and producers to build a collaborative approach to continuous improvement. The Bettercoal initiative provides a basis for such collaboration.”

Luis Fernando de Angulo,
Executive Director, Centro Regional de Empresas y Emprendimientos Responsables

“The Bettercoal Code provides an opportunity to continuously improve performance in coal mining operations and highlight good practices.”

Brian Kohler,
Director, Health, Safety and Sustainability, IndustriALL Global Union; Technical & Advisory Committee participant

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Coal being loaded by conveyor on to a bulk cargo shipMembers' Implementation and Reporting Obligations (MIRO) - Progress & Achievements

Upon joining Bettercoal, Regular Members make specific commitments defined in the Bettercoal Articles of Association. These commitments include, inter alia, to publicly endorse Bettercoal, and to implement the Bettercoal Code and Bettercoal tools in due diligence processes in the coal supply chain and through engagement and collaboration with coal suppliers. Also, Regular Members who own or control coal mines themselves have additional obligations.

The implementation of the commitments is key to the success of Bettercoal and its mission. Further, implementing the Bettercoal commitments is the basis for:

  • The credibility of Bettercoal vis-à-vis stakeholders: all stakeholders understand how Members implement the Bettercoal Code and tools.
  • The legitimacy of Bettercoal vis-à-vis suppliers: continuous collaboration with suppliers on completing Self-Assessments, Site-Assessments and implement corrective action plans.
  • The integrity of Bettercoal: reduce the risk of “free riders” in the initiative.

Read more about the MIRO Progress and Conformity Review.

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

Join Bettercoal

By joining Bettercoal, your company will take part in a global effort to make a real, on-the-ground difference for workers, communities, local companies and the environment impacted by coal mining.