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Taking Bettercoal to the next level

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Taking Bettercoal
to the next level

Bettercoal’s vision is a coal supply chain that respects the rights of people and the environment and contributes positively to the social and economic livelihoods of workers, producers and communities.

Bettercoal’s mission is to advance the continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain by improving business practices through engagement with stakeholders and based on a shared set of standards.

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Bettercoal's place
on the global stage

The 2016 World Energy Outlook bluntly stated that: “As a result of major transformations in the global energy system that take place over the next decades, renewables and natural gas are the big winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040”.

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Bettercoal Assessment ProgrammeBettercoal Assessment Programme – Progress & Achievements

In 2016, Bettercoal, its Members and the Technical & Advisory Committee (TAC) started reviewing, renewing and aligning the different elements of the Bettercoal system. Rather than a typical certification body, Bettercoal assesses performance of coal Suppliers against the ten principles of the Bettercoal Code and jointly develops a continuous improvement plan, the summary results of which are shared with Bettercoal Members. The outcome is a re-enforcing loop of improvement recognition in the coal supply chain.

In order to develop the new Bettercoal system, all existing procedures, protocols and documents were reviewed in 2016. It became clear that the Assessment process and Assurance system needed to be more efficient, transparent and streamlined. To do so, four key Principles were identified – Risk-Based Approach, Transparency, Continuous Improvement and Stakeholder Engagement – which will provide a clear direction for the system.

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Stakeholders View

“Cerrejón is supportive of the continuous improvement approach promoted by Bettercoal. We believe strongly that there should be a clear link between the mine assessments carried out by Bettercoal and the coal purchasing strategies of the individual utilities so that each member company can demonstrate how it is putting into practice the audit of the supply chain and how it can be sure that the coal it burns comes from mines which have demonstrated a commitment to responsible mining practices, full transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement practices, full transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement. ”

Lina Echeverri,
Vice-President of Public Affairs and Communications, Cerrejón

“It is critical that initiatives like Bettercoal work to build a credible, transparent and efficient system that encourages dialogue and addresses various stakeholders’ concerns and also gives recognition to the coal producers that adhere to the high principles and practices of the Bettercoal Code. .”

Ulla Rehell,
Vice President Sustainability, Fortum

“Port of Amsterdam believes in and supports Bettercoal’s approach that is based on a vision that encompasses the entire chain (producers, traders, energy companies and ports) and involves it in the process of improving the living, working and environmental conditions in the mining industry worldwide.”

Femke Brenninkmeijer,,
Head Cluster Energy & Bulk, , Port of Amsterdam

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Banks MiningBettercoal Assessment Programme
Case study – Banks Mining

The coal industry in the United Kingdom operates in a highly regulated environment, where transparency and positive engagement with communities and NGOs are essential components of the planning system.

he Assessment team had a tour of the Shotton and Brenkley mine sites, held interviews with key staff members and employees as well as members of the surrounding communities living in close proximity to the operational sites. Generally, the Assessors found that Banks’ corporate policies and management systems are thoroughly described in their procedures and implementable. This was reinforced by the positive community feedback from those engaged during the assessment. Although the overall performance is good, there are a few areas where improvement is possible, including formalising their grievance mechanism for external stakeholders and setting specific targets for the reduction of energy and water consumption.

Banks Mining has been very collaborative during the assessment process and Bettercoal looks forward to working with the company on further improving their ethical, social and environmental practices and performances through their participation in the Bettercoal Assessment Programme.

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

Join Bettercoal

By joining Bettercoal, your company will take part in a global effort to make a real, on-the-ground difference for workers, communities, local companies and the environment impacted by coal mining.