The Prodeco Group is the third largest producer of export thermal coal in Colombia. The Prodeco Group consists of: C.I. Prodeco S.A. which owns the Calenturitas mine and the coal railway operation; Carbones de la Jagua S.A., Consorcio Minero Unido S.A. and Carbones El Tesoro S.A. which own the La Jagua mine; and Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo S.A. which owns the Puerto Nuevo coal export port. The group comprises Glencore’s operations in Colombia for the export of thermal and metallurgical coal and its associated infrastructure. They explore, produce, transport and ship high – grade thermal and metallurgical coal to the markets in Europe, America and Asia.

Signed Letter of Commitment.

Assessment Scope: La Jagua Mine, Calenturitas Mine, Railroad Transportation, Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo, storage facilities

Status in the Assessment Process: Continuous Improvement

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