The Buytikolskoye 6th coal deposit is part of the Maykubensky brown coal basin, located in Bayanaulsky district of the Pavlodar region. The Maykubensky brown coal basin is known since 1825. At the time of its formation, about 3,500 tons of coal were mined here, which served mainly for roasting gold, lead-silver and copper ores in Bayanaulsky mountainous district. In the 1920s, the coal mine was transferred to the mining concession of British industrialist Leslie Urquhart. Ten years later, the Semipalatinsk geological survey office began to operate in this region, and in the 1950s and 1960s, geologists discovered several independent coal deposits, the largest of which is the Shoptykolskoye.

In the near future, the plans of the Maikubensky section are to bring coal production up to 8 million tons. The phased modernization that the company is currently experiencing is a long-term strategic plan for the gradual increase in production. The main stake in the issue of coal sales is made by the enterprises of the energy complex.

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