RWE AG is a listed joint-stock company under German law.

The key business operations are conducted in Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and in countries in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. RWE AG with its operational segments of conventional power generation and the energy trading business is indispensable for streamlining the entire energy system and for security of supply in Europe. The majority holding in innogy SE with its three divisions of Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure, and Retail is another pillar of our business. We manage innogy as a fully consolidated financial Investment.


Lignite & Nuclear

This is where we report our German electricity generation from lignite and nuclear energy as well as lignite mining in the Rhineland. These activities are overseen by RWE Power AG. This segment also comprises our interests in the Dutch nuclear power station operator EPZ (30%) and in Germany-based URANIT (50%), which holds a 33% interest in the uranium enrichment specialist Urenco.


European Power

Our electricity generation from gas, hard coal and biomass is subsumed under this segment. Here, the geographic focus is on Germany, the United Kingdom and the Benelux region. The segment also contains our 70% stake in the Denizli gas-fired power station in Turkey, some hydroelectric power plants in Germany and Luxembourg and RWE Technology International GmbH, which specialises in project manage­ment and engineering services. All of these activities are overseen by RWE Generation SE.


Energy Trading

The business of the Trading/Gas Midstream segment encompasses all tradable energy commodities in physical and derivative form, for example gas, coal, oil and electricity. They also include emissions certificates, freight, weather derivatives and biomass. RWE Supply & Trading offers trade-based portfolio management and a broad range of commodity-based services to large industrial customers, Distributors and trading counterparties.


Renewables Energies, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail (innogy SE)

The key markets served by innogy are Germany, Benelux, the United Kingdom and Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. In these markets, innogy operates in sales activities, distribution grids and with plants for power generation from renewable energies.