Port of Amsterdam


Port of Amsterdam serves as a logistics hub, industrial hotspot and service provider to the city. We are building a port with increasing value to its customers and local communities. This is a joint initiative, carried out under the pay off Port of Partnerships.


One of Europe’s largest energy ports

As one of Europe’s largest energy ports, Amsterdam is a leading player in the coal market. Yet the energy transition is unstoppable, and Port of Amsterdam aims for sustainable growth. We are therefore preparing for a future in which the Port will be coal-free by 2030.


Excellent opportunities for coal transport

By investing in intensive use of space and several sustainable adjustments, the volume of coal transshipments can be housed at our existing large and flexible terminals. The port of Amsterdam has excellent hinterland connections for energy transport and is directly connected to frequent inland shipping and rail shuttles into Europe. Maximum size vessels can discharge (part of) their dry bulk at the lightening facilities before the locks in IJmuiden.