Bettercoal work amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, for some weeks now, the world has been living through challenging and strenuous times, that also are prompting people globally to provide a coordinated response for a common better outcome.

Following the evolution of Covid-19, since mid-February 2020, Bettercoal has been adjusting its projects and work accordingly. Although this implied that some of our international in-person commitments had to be put on hold for now, Bettercoal is committed to continuing all the work it can virtually and has been taking the necessary steps to keep the engagement as much as possible with internal and external stakeholders.

We understand that the unprecedented times we are facing also demand unprecedented measures by organisations all over the world; and that this context also gives room to the potential exacerbation of ongoing issues in some countries. We are working closely with Bettercoal Suppliers and Members, who are putting in place different measures to respond to the current circumstances in the best possible way they can, complying with local and national legislation and constantly assessing the impact of their actions in the present but also in the times to come.

We look forward to keeping on working and engaging with our numerous internal and external stakeholders through our work and support through these difficult times.

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