Assurance System

Independent Assessors assess the performance of coal mining producers against the twelve principles of the Bettercoal Code. Coal producers who commit to continuous improvement by signing the Letter of Commitment become Bettercoal Suppliers.

Each Bettercoal Supplier undergoes an independent Assessment to see how closely they meet the requirements of our international best practice code and commits to improving their operations in line with our custom-built Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) for that supplier based on the findings of our Assessment. Bettercoal does not provide a certification of performance bur instead drives a model of continuous improvement.

Every CIP is followed up and updated quarterly by the assessors.


Supplier Commitment

The coal mining company signs the Letter of Commitment and becomes a Bettercolal supplier

Desktop Review

An Approved Lead Assessor is allocated to the Bettercoal Supplier. The Bettercoal Supplier completes the Suppliers  Questionnaire which is reviewed by the allocated Assessor. The Assesment Scope is finalised and a Assessment Plan for the Site-Visit is developed and shared with Members.


An on-site visit is planned at the Bettercoal Supplier mine site(s). A detailed Assessment Report is developed and once finalised, in consultation with the Bettercoal Supplier, is then shared with Bettercoal Members.

Continuous Improvement

The Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) is finalised and shared with Members. Monitoring the CIP takes place according to timelines identified in the CIP.

Verification methods include Desktop Review and Site-Visit. A public report will be uploaded on the Bettercoal website.


A full Re-Assessment is due within maximum five years from the coal mining company becoming a Bettercoal Supplier. The process starts from the beginning.


The credibility of the Bettercoal Assessment Process relies on the quality and independence of the third-party Assessors. Bettercoal approves Lead Assessors who are responsible for verifying whether a Bettercoal Supplier meets the requirements of the Bettercoal Code.


Bettercoal welcomes individuals to become Bettercoal Lead Assessors and conduct Bettercoal Supplier Assessments.

The relevant documents and procedures for the Lead Assessor programme and Bettercoal Assessment Process include:


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