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Assessment Toolkit

The Bettercoal Code  forms the basis for assessments of coal mining sites. To support the implementation of the Bettercoal Code by coal suppliers, Bettercoal has developed a series of tools and guidance documents that form together the Bettercoal Assessment Toolkit.

The Bettercoal Assessment Toolkit includes the following documents:


Bettercoal Code Assessment Toolkit

The Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code includes 10 Principles and 31 Provision Sections that set out the ethical, social, and environmental requirement that Bettercoal expects coal suppliers to align with. The Code aims to become a globally accepted benchmark for responsible practices in the coal supply chain. The Code includes several references to other standards and international norms that are useful in order to understand the context in which it was developed, as well as an extensive glossary.

Bettercoal Code Assessment Guidelines

The Bettercoal Code Assessment Guidelines explain how to implement the Bettercoal Code. For each provision of the Bettercoal Code the guidelines details a series of indicators or examples of systems, procedures and practices that have to be in place in order for at coal suppliers to meet the expectations of the Code.

In addition, the guidelines provide examples of evidences such as documents, people interviews and observations that can be used to demonstrate the adequate implementation of each Code Provision. Finally, the guidelines include a list of reference documents and standards that can further guide the understanding of the expectations included in the Bettercoal Code.

Download the Bettercoal Code Assessment Guidelines.

Bettercoal Code Assessment Guidelines

An excerpt from the Bettercoal Code Assessment Guidelines

Bettercoal Code Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The Bettercoal Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a tool developed by Bettercoal to advance the continuous improvement of environmental, social and ethical practices in coal mines.

It includes 94 main questions covering the ethical, social and environmental practices at Coal Producer Organizations. The questions are grouped according to the Bettercoal Code 10 Principles, which contain a total of 31 Code Provision sections. Each question of the SAQ is directly linked to a specific Provision of the Code that can be used to understand the context in which the question is asked.

Download the Bettercoal Self-Assessment Questionnaire template (Microsoft Excel).

Bettercoal Assessment Procedure

An excerpt from the Bettercoal Code Assessment Procedure

The SAQ is used by Bettercoal to introduce coal suppliers to the Bettercoal Code Principles and Provisions. It allows coal producer organizations to assess their current ethical, environmental, human rights and social performance against the Bettercoal Code with a view to identify areas of performance and improvement. Finally, the SAQ enables coal producer organizations to prepare and share the necessary documentation to demonstrate implementation of each Principles and Provisions of the Bettercoal Code, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a third-party assessment, if one were to be requested by Bettercoal.

Bettercoal Assessment Procedure

An integral part of the Bettercoal system is the Site-Assessments of selected coal suppliers by an independent third-party assessor. Site-Assessments seek to verify alignment of coal suppliers’ performance with the Bettercoal Code as well as to identify any areas of improvement.

The Bettercoal Assessment Procedure is intended primarily to provide guidance for third-party assessors on how to implement Bettercoal Site-Assessments with the view to ensure consistency in the preparation and conduct of the assessments by different service providers across the world.

Bettercoal Code Assessment Procedures

Following the five key assessment phases outlined by Bettercoal, the Assessment Procedure provides guidance for assessors on how to conduct Site-Assessments, including gathering initial ethical, social and environmental information from coal suppliers, clarifying the scope and process of the assessment itself, and scoring performance.

Site-Assessments are conducted directly against the Bettercoal Code and Assessment Guidelines. For each 31 Bettercoal Code Provision Sections, assessors are expected to evaluate and score – from Unsatisfactory to Excellent – the management systems as well as the level of performance of the assessed coal suppliers.

The Assessment Procedure also describes how each area of improvement identified during the assessment are included in a Continuous Improvement Plan which implementation is monitored by Bettercoal.

The Assessment Procedure finally includes a dispute resolution mechanism to resolve any complaint related to the conduct and results of the assessments.

Download the Bettercoal Assessment Procedure.

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

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