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Activities and Plans

During 2016-2018, Bettercoal is working to ensure that the Assessment Program is fully aligned with and strongly supports the Bettercoal system. To that end, Bettercoal has assembled a dedicated project team consisting of Assheton Carter (the Dragonfly Initiative) and Julija Menise which will work with Bettercoal and the multi-stakeholder Technical & Advisory Committee (TAC) to complete this work through consultative and consensus-building processes. The objectives are to: 

  • Develop a risk-based approach to assurance to increase the efficiency of the Bettercoal Assessment Program, reduce the burden for suppliers and enhance the quality of information for Bettercoal Members;
  • Increase the transparency of Bettercoal procedures, system elements and outcomes;
  • Develop practical assessment tools and guidance for independent assessors, and
  • Review and make recommendations for effective implementation of the continuous improvement plans at suppliers’ operations.

Key documents and systems to be developed include:

  1. Updated Assessment Program tools and guidance documents including the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, Assessment Procedure, Assessment Guidelines and Continuous Improvement Plan;
  2. Updated section I. A-G of the Bettercoal Code to reflect adjustments made to the assurance framework;
  3. Alignment of the assurance framework with existing standards such as e.g. OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas where applicable;
  4. Develop assessor and supplier training programs;
  5. Launch of a new online Assessment database to be used by Bettercoal Members, Approved Assessors and coal mining companies (in early 2017);
  6. Updated Bettercoal website to provide more transparency on Bettercoal’s systems and procedures to external stakeholders.

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

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