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Technical & Advisory Committee

The Technical & Advisory Committee is a multi-stakeholder committee within the governance structure of Bettercoal, composed of up to sixteen members from civil society, coal suppliers participating in Bettercoal and individual representatives from the membership companies of Bettercoal.  

Since its inception, Bettercoal has been working closely with stakeholders through the Stakeholder Advisory Group and subsequently the Civil Society and Supplier Stakeholder Panels.  Bettercoal wishes to continue to benefit from the advice of experts and feels that this is now best served by the Technical & Advisory Committee.

Purpose and Scope

The Bettercoal Technical & Advisory Committee is a permanent committee of the Bettercoal Board. The Technical & Advisory Committee supports and advances the mission of Bettercoal by reviewing, developing, and ensuring the quality of Bettercoal’s standards, assurance processes and impact assessment and reporting. In the arena of standards development and review, the Technical & Advisory Committee supports the Bettercoal Board by providing expert judgment, analysis and peer review of both Bettercoal standards and stakeholder comments on those standards. The Technical & Advisory Committee may: 

  • Recommend to the Bettercoal Board of Directors whether to revise an existing or add a new requirement to the Bettercoal Code or MIRO, to protect the credibility of Bettercoal and in response to or anticipation of external events relevant to Bettercoal that might occur from time to time between formal standard review processes;
  • Support revisions of existing Bettercoal standards by providing technical expertise;
  • Support development of new Bettercoal standards by providing technical expertise;
  • Recommend to the Bettercoal Board of Directors non-substantive revisions to existing Bettercoal standards;
  • Hear and make recommendations on appeals when called upon by the Board of Directors;
  • Make recommendations regarding the assurance, monitoring and impact assessment program.



The Technical & Advisory Committee is composed of up to sixteen members; four (4) representatives from the membership companies of Bettercoal, four (4) individual representatives from the coal suppliers participating in Bettercoal, and six (6) ‘non-industry’ interested parties with expertise in the issues being addressed and/or who could influence implementation of the Bettercoal Code.

Assheton Carter (Equitable Origin; The Dragonfly Initiative)

Senior Vice President, Global Engagement, Equitable Origin; The Dragonfly Initiative

Assheton Carter has been at the forefront of the CSR movement for more than 25 years, with a focus on the mining, metals and materials value chain. He has launched and led several significant public private partnerships and structured innovative ‘green’ supply chains. His track record includes a number of ‘firsts’: first fully traceable line of gold and silver jewellery from mine to market; first diamonds with full chain of custody from Kimberlite pipe to pendant; first investments into biodiversity offsets; first conflict-free trading scheme for tin and tungsten; first fully traceable artisanal gold to be sourced by a luxury brand; first certified small-mine with a chain of custody certified to international standards; first provenance-assured opals to be worn on the red carpet; first certified gold to be included in a cell phone’s supply chain; and, first completely controlled system to market emeralds from Zambia to Zurich.

Assheton Carter is head of the Advisory Board at Eco Age, the sustainable brand consultancy led by eco-campaigner Livia Firth, Chair of the Accountability Standards Board, and director of the Dragonfly Initiative, a sustainability advisory platform and incubator providing business development, risk management and programme and asset management services. He chairs and serves on a number of boards and expert panels for standard-setting organizations, NGOs and private companies. 


Brian Kohler (IndustriALL Global Union)

Director - Health, Safety and Sustainability, IndustriALL Global Union

Brian Kohler is the Director for Health, Safety and Sustainability at IndustriALL Global Union, based in Geneva, Switzerland: a global federation representing some 50 million resource and industrial workers in 140 countries. A life-long trade unionist, Brian studied chemistry at Simon Fraser University and the University of Waterloo in Canada, and he is presently working on a PhD in Sustainablity through De Montfort University in the UK. Brian has been a worker activist for health, safety and the environment for nearly 40 years. He is an expert on labour rights and is a pioneer of the concept of a Just Transition to sustainability. 


Thomas Maddox (Fauna & Flora International)

Senior Technical Advisor for Business and Biodiversity, Fauna & Flora International

Thomas has a degree in Biology, a PhD. in Anthropology and an MBA, and has worked on the interface between business and the environment for 15 years. He has worked for the Zoological Society of London, the World Bank, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and for WWF and spent most of the last decade based in South East Asia. Thomas joined FFI in 2015 and works across the mining and energy, agriculture and conservation finance teams. He was previously involved in the development of the RSPO standard and now sits on the standards committee of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.


Luis Fernando de Angulo (CREER)

Executive Director, Centro Regional de Empresas y Emprendimientos Responsables (CREER)


Julija Menise (TDI Sustainable Strategies)

Independent Auditor / Assurance Expert


Adriaan van der Maarel (RWE)

Senior Advisor Public Affairs, RWE

Adriaan van der Maarel is Senior Advisor Public Affairs at RWE where he follows very closely the political discussion around coal supply chain and stays in contact with relevant Dutch NGOs and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs. Adriaan was part of the Dutch Coal Dialogue, being involved in matters about the coal supply chain since 2010.


Giangiacomo Dandrea (Uniper SE)

Corporate Responsibility Manager, Uniper SE

Giangiacomo Dandrea participates in the development of Uniper sustainability strategy, focusing on stakeholder management and materiality analysis. With experience in political and regulatory affairs regarding energy and commodity trading, he works on cross-cutting topics such as non-financial reporting, value chain resilience and digital innovation.

He holds a degree in Law, with emphasis on EU Environmental Legislation, and a Specialised Master in Green Management, Energy and CSR from Bocconi University, Milano.


Joel Frijhoff (Vattenfall)

Responsible Sourcing & Trading Manager, Vattenfall

Joel Frijhoff is Responsible Sourcing & Trading Manager at Vattenfall AB. He is responsible for the implementation of the corporate Code of Conduct for Suppliers within the commercial trading department. This, amongst others, entails that Joel Frijhoff develops, implements and executes the due diligence procedures for coal, biomass and gas. In addition, Joel Frijhoff acts as a representative for Vattenfall AB within various working groups in Bettercoal and in the dialogue with external stakeholders on the issue of supply chain responsibility. Joel Frijhoff has a background in organic chemistry and organization anthropology.


Laura Craggs (Drax Group Plc.)

Group Sustainability Compliance Manager, Drax Group Plc.

Laura Craggs is Group Sustainability Compliance Manager at Drax Group and is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainability Policy and compliance with sustainability legislation across the group. Laura has experience in supplier due diligence, auditing and regional risk assessments, as well as involvement in regulatory affairs and discussions with external stakeholders.

Laura has a BSc in Applied Biology and a Masters in Environmental Engineering.


Richard Morgan (Anglo American)

Head of Government Relations, Anglo American


Mark Dowdall (Banks Group)

Director Environment and Community, Banks Group

Mark holds an honours degree in environmental health and further post graduate qualifications in air pollution control, acoustics and health and safety. Mark spent the first seven years of his career specialising in pollution control, working as an environmental health officer. He joined The Banks Group - a privately owned, North East England-based mining, property and renewable energy company in 1991. Since that time, he has worked on the development, operation and restoration of numerous, surface coal mines, waste management schemes, onshore wind farms and commercial and residential property developments throughout the UK.

Mark is now the Environment and Community Director with responsibility for ensuring that Banks Group’s projects maintain a high level of environmental performance and continue to ensure excellence in all its dealings with local communities and other stakeholders.

Liza Janse van Vuuren (Canyon Coal Pty Ltd)

Environment Officer, Canyon Coal Pty Ltd

Liza Janse van Vuuren joined Canyon Coal in 2012 as an Environmental Officer, where she has been responsible for environmental compliance and auditing, and actively involved in due diligences, mine development, applications and various other projects. She is currently completing an MSc degree with the University of the Witwatersrand in Environmental Sciences and holds a BSc in Botany and Geography and a BSc Honours in Ecological Remediation and Sustainable Development, both from the North West University. Her current research focus for her Masters is on the South African mining and environmental legislation and the recent developments therein.


Lucy Roberts (Glencore)

General Manager for Sustainable Development, Glencore

Lucy Roberts has over 20 years’ experience in the mining sector and is currently the General Manager for Sustainable Development, Glencore Coal. Glencore is a leading integrated commodity producer and marketer, operating worldwide. The business covers over 90 commodities encompassing metals & minerals, energy products and agricultural products as well as related marketing and logistics activities. Lucy’s key role within Glencore is the development of the global HSEC strategy and implementation of the global HSEC assurance program focusing on catastrophic HSCE risks. Key areas of responsibility within coal include: health, safety, environment, community and human rights. Lucy is currently the chairperson of the stakeholder and community reference group for the Carbon Transport Storage Company in Australia, the subject matter expert for public affairs and community for the Cerrejon JV operation in Colombia and up until 2013 Lucy was a stakeholder advisory member for the Dutch Coal Dialogue in Europe.


Technical & Advisory Committee - Minutes

From March 2016, a summary of the Technical & Advisory Committee minutes and outcomes are published on the Bettercoal website after acceptance at the subsequent meeting. 

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