Annual Report 2020:
Driving Bettercoal forward

With the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bettercoal made adjustments to drive its work plan forward, including a thorough Bettercoal Code review, a detailed mapping of the new Bettercoal Code against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and keeping strong stakeholder engagement through the Country Working Groups.

At the same, we sustained the monitoring of progress on the Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP) of Bettercoal Suppliers, we continued to engage with our Members on the implementation of their obligations, whilst ensuring a sustainable financial position.

Bettercoal Code Review

In 2019-2020, Bettercoal carried out a comprehensive review of the Bettercoal Code 1.1, culminating in the revised Bettercoal Code Version 2.0.

The Bettercoal Code 2.0 is composed of 12 principles, divided into three main areas: environment, social and governance (ESG). Within the Code, there are 144 numbered provisions that Bettercoal assesses its Supplier companies against. The Code is accompanied by the Bettercoal Code 2.0 Guidance, developed to help Bettercoal Suppliers and Assessors better understand and interpret the requirements of the Code and the steps needed to implement it, enabling a consistent approach across our Site-Assessments.

Bettercoal Code and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Bettercoal undertook a thorough benchmarking analysis between the Bettercoal Code 2.0 and the UN SDGs. There were 70 improvement opportunities identified covering stakeholder engagement, local procurement, education, energy efficiency, community benefit sharing, employees and mine closure. These recommendations and changes informed the update of the Bettercoal Code and will also be integrated into our work programme.

Suppliers’ Progress on CIP

Bettercoal Suppliers are coal mining companies that have committed to improving their ESG performance by having their operations assessed against the principles of the Bettercoal Code.

Each Supplier undergoes an independent Assessment to see how closely they meet the requirements of our international best practice Code. They commit to improving their operations in line with a custom-built Continuous Improvement Plan for that Supplier based on the findings of our Assessment. Progress is regularly monitored by the Assessors and Bettercoal and publicly disclosed on the Bettercoal website.

Suppliers at CIP stage
Bettercoal Suppliers in 2020
Members’ Implementation and Reporting Obligation (MIRO)

The Members’ Implementation and Reporting Obligations (MIRO) monitors what Bettercoal Regular Members are doing to implement their obligations and to disclose to stakeholders how Bettercoal is progressing in positively impacting the coal supply chain.

In 2020, while the total amount of coal purchased by Bettercoal Members decreased, the proportion of Bettercoal coal purchased remained stable compared to 2019. Similarly, the proportion of coal purchased from Non-Bettercoal Suppliers through Direct Contracts, as well as the proportion of coal with ‘unknown origin’ have maintained their share in the purchases’ distribution. Overall, Bettercoal coal has been predominant in the total coal purchases made by Bettercoal Members throughout the last four years. 

Data based on the information of 10 out of 11 Bettercoal Members, reported by July 2021.
Chart will be updated when information on all 11 Members is received.
Country Working Groups

Bettercoal’s Russia and Colombia Country Working Groups facilitate a more coordinated approach to the monitoring of continuous improvement plans for Suppliers, as well as building knowledge and measuring impact.

In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis forced the groups to adjust the planning and implementation of the original Work Plans, particularly with regards to in-person engagements. Despite the change in context, both Working Groups adapted and made the necessary adjustments to their work plans, continuing strong engagement with key stakeholders.


Colombia Working Group main actions 2020:


Russia Working Group main actions 2020:

Financial statement and organisational performance

Bettercoal is currently financed exclusively through the contributions of Members and Associate Members who pay an annual fee, which covers the entirety of costs linked to the Bettercoal Assessments and the running of the Secretariat.