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December: Canyon Coal Site-Assessment, South Africa

November: Technical & Advisory Committee approved by the Bettercoal Board of Directors. Re-assessment of Drummond Ltd., Colombia. Kuzbassrazrezugol Site-Assessment, Russia.

September: Bettercoal participates at the Coaltrans Conference, Japan 

August: ESB joins Bettercoal as Regular Member.

July: Stakeholder Panel meets the Bettercoal Board of Directors.

June: Rietlanden Terminals joins Bettercoal as Associate Member. The Bettercoal Progress Report 2012-2014 is published. The MIRO Conformity Review Report 2015 is published.

May: Bettercoal participates at the Responsible Coal Mining Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands.

April: Marieke van der Mijn joins Bettercoal as the new Assessment Program Manager. Bettercoal briefs global financial institutions in London.

March: Iberdrola joins Bettercoal as Regular Member. Bettercoal meets Stakeholder Panel.


November: Bettercoal presents to Ethical Corporations Sustainable Supply Chain Summit, London, UK, and participates in key Dutch Trade mission to Colombia focusing in responsible coal mining.

September: Bettercoal participates in a Responsible Coal Mining Roundtable in Bogota, Colombia.

May: Bettercoal approves assessment bodies eligible to conduct site-assessments at coal mines.

April: Bettercoal moves to an operational phase engaging mining companies in its assessment program.


September: Bettercoal publishes the Bettercoal Code in Spanish, Russian and Bahasa.

July: Major milestone for Bettercoal as new Code is adopted by the organization’s Members. New Code is a first in the sector and sets clear expectations for ethical, social and environmental performance in coal production.

June: Bettercoal consultation process concluded and, following discussion of revisions with the Bettercoal Stakeholder Advisory Group, the final version of the Bettercoal Code will be proposed for adoption by the Members.

April: Bettercoal consultation process Phase completed including stakeholder meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.


September: Bettercoal opens global consultation process on the draft Bettercoal Code.

July: Global consultation announced for new code of practice that builds upon existing mining standards and recognizes current best practice in the industry.

May: Dr Martin Christie appointed Bettercoal Executive Director.

February: Bettercoal legally registered as a global not-for-profit organisation.


December: Independent Stakeholder Advisory Group established.

June: Founding members publicly announce their intention to formally establish Bettercoal as a new business-led initiative.

January: BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) appointed to facilitate the development of the initiative.


A group of European energy companies meet to discuss the potential to establish a new responsible coal initiative.

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Bettercoal Code

The Bettercoal Code sets out the ethical, social and environmental principles and provisions that members of Bettercoal expect organizations producing coal in their supply chain to align with.

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